How Big is Ecommerce Online?

The internet has invaded every facet of our lives. We chat, post our resumes, join virtual classrooms, interact socially and research information and trivia from the omnipresent World Wide Web. For almost three decades, ecommerce online has also become one of the facilities that we enjoy over the internet. Ecommerce offers merchants a platform to buy, sell, auction and exchange their goods online with very low input cost. The biggest advantage of using the internet when merchandising is the vast number of customers spread over the whole world that you can potentially engage.Ecommerce online has contributed huge revenues over the past few years. In 2007 $175 billion was generated in the US alone via online shopping. Travel bookings are increasingly being conducted online. Currently approximately 30% of all travel bookings are done over the net. Emerging markets are still uncharted territory for ecommerce. Although much of the developing world has internet access, large markets like India with a population of over a billion only has around 60 million internet users. As of June 2010, 29% of China’s population enjoys internet access. Ecommerce ventures will only succeed with greater penetration, reduction in internet surfing fees, expanded bandwidth and enhanced speed of available networks and better reliability. The potential pool of customers in emerging markets is monumental. Ecommerce online requires an online store to serve as a platform to retail your goods. The look and feel of your online store will greatly enhance the shopping experience of any customer visiting your online store. When you design your online store, you should examine the software options at hand to provide an exciting catalog and convenient shopping cart on which your customers can add their products. Each of the online shopping cart software has its own pros and cons and with dozens to choose from, you should properly research the product most suitable to your ecommerce efforts. The ideal software should be feature rich and user friendly. If you are selling a brand with global presence you need software that can accept multiple currencies, and is available in multiple languages at your online store. Some ecommerce online software can be customized to suit your requirements. Using social networking, search engine optimization and other marketing tools, your online store can reach out to and interact with customers and many of your potential customers. To ensure your customers become repeat customers and remain loyal to your brand, you have to ensure your customers should be subject to a comfortable, seamless and streamlined shopping experience that delivers what you promise.